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IMMORTALS | Partnerships coordinator
June 2017 - August 2017

I joined Immortals on a 2-month contract in June of 2017 to support the Partnerships Manager as two major partner deals went live. OMEN by HP was announced during my first day, and Bloody Gaming was finalized and announced within my first month.  LF Gaming was also signed by the end of my contract, and announced shortly after.

The Partnerships Coordinator role gave me a new perspective on building a brand and delivering unique fan experiences through the use of partnerships. Esport audiences are acutely aware of uninspired content that is simply intended to sell them something; our challenge was to align our partners' brand with our own narrative through meaningful content, and earn further brand loyalty and trust for both entities.

Immortals' team also taught me importance of efficient cross department communication, how the internal operations all depend on one-another, and how to adapt to frequently changing circumstances to meet tight deadlines. 









STEVE JAMES | Brand Manager
March 2015- june 2017

Steve "James" Philibin is a 19-year-old Grammy nominated producer and songwriter, based in Los Angeles, California. I started working with Steve in 2015, a year after his Sirius XM debut.

Steve's project presented an array of opportunities akin to any start-up, and challenged myself along with the rest of the team on building a lasting brand from the ground up.


Steve James & Martin Garrix at Exchange LA

Identifying Steve's demographic, where they consume content, and how they consume content was crucial to laying the foundation for his brand and sharing his origin story. 

After he landed his Justin Bieber cut, we sought out major outlets including Billboard and LA Weekly, as well as an arsenal of blogs including Pigeons and Planes and Idolator to garner attention locally and nationwide; industry buzz and fan engagement rose in parallel.

LA Weekly Feature

Grammy Pro Feature

Billboard Feature

Idolator Feature

Steve's initial vision for the brand was to compliment emotive and inspiring music with youthful imagery. 

Early on in the project's life, all creative content was generated in-house; we sought out third party content creators to ensure a high quality standard as his audience grew and demands increased.

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While we championed music outlets and blogs as the platform for sharing Steve's "story," track releases demanded their own unique  to marketing.

We approached the January 2017 original release, "Warrior," driven by a sincere message from Steve and featured artist, Lights, fueled by demographic data in hand and a new platform to test, provided the ability to interact with the song beyond simply listening to it. Users added their own personal touch with added singing, videography, and choreography to create a more engaging experience. The added self-expression also encouraged users to participate in the #ImFightingFor social campaign, where fans voiced issues they were passionate about; this included a range of topics from gender equality, anti-bullying, to cancer research and more.


With added to our promotional distribution, "Warrior" saw the fastest rise to a million plays of any Steve James original release; Steve's social following and play count acquired a new demographic of 12-19 year-old females, while reaching 1.5 million fans to raise awareness for anti bullying with the #ImFightingFor slogan.

"Warrior" also received the widest organic circulation for Steve to date, most notably landing a feature in TIME Magazine and VICE's Noisey.

Press Kit available here.



EDMTUNES | chief editor is a premier dance music blog that began in 2011 as a radio and live-show aggregator, but quickly evolved into providing original written content, photography, and digital campaign services. 

I joined EDMTunes in December 2013 as a contributing writer, was promoted to assistant editor in July 2014, and became the Chief Editor in March of 2015. As Chief Editor, I oversaw 20-30 contributing writers and 3 editors located all across the US.

Within the original content realm, I determined the overarching voice and direction of the site's content, established standardized post formatting for our editors, and focused on balancing journalistic reporting with creative writing; outside of internally generated content, I worked with our COO and Founder to maintain relationships with labels, events companies, and artist teams through site advertising slots, social media campaigns, and promoted content.