Porter Robinson at Shaky Beats, Atlanta 2016

Porter Robinson at Shaky Beats, Atlanta 2016


I joined EDMTunes in December 2013 to deepen and refine my musical palette, with no expectations of it steering me towards any professional aspirations. Within a year, however, I became an assistant editor and shortly after the Chief Editor; EDMTunes provided me the freedom to enter the music industry and learn a variety of concrete skills including written editing, and photo editing, as well as project and team management, creative and business writing, digital marketing, and customer service. In my 3 year tenure, I wrote and published over 450 of my own pieces; a selection of my favorites has been included below but my author page can be found here.

-Electric Daisy Carnival 20th Anniversary Review
-But Life is Just a Party, And Parties Weren't Meant to Last
-Zane Lowe Says Goodbye to BBC and Hello to Apple
-Arty Interview