Welcome to my portfolio, thanks for taking a look!

My name is Elliott Brockelbank, an Atlanta raised & based marketing specialist, managing Coca-Cola North America’s ‘Digital Shelf’, with a general design side hustle.

I graduated from Georgia Tech in 2015 as an NCAA Division One swimmer, with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in International Affairs.
I lived in Los Angeles from June 2016 - March 2018, working in the music and esports industries on social media, branding, and project management; I’ve since moved back to Atlanta to dive into the world of eCommerce with Coca-Cola.

Outside work? An avid gamer, budding sneaker addict, part-time foodie, always looking for a new hobby to pick up.


Immortals, LLC
Steve James
The Lost Kings
Sumthin' Sumthin'
Joe Mason
Tim Legend
IMG Sports Network

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